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In this course, I will teach you How To Create A Digital Asset that Generates Scalable and Productive Income while Transforming your Business and the people who enter your world. Whether you are a Service Provider, Agency, Freelancer, Coach, Course Creator, or Homemaker, this course offers unique benefits tailored to your needs. You have the advantage of being able to help people on a deep, personal level.

My sincere hope is that this course will help you Develop an Asset that Serves, Inspires, and Uplifts your clients. Beyond Financial Success, you’ll find a path to more Peace and the ability to enjoy your Wealth with your loved ones. To achieve this, you must be honest about your business and find solutions to address the constantly changing landscape.

Hustling may seem like a quick fix, but it is not a sustainable way to build a business because you are human. If your business relies on you to show up every day, then you have a job, not a business. You have a Moral Obligation to structure your business correctly so that it can thrive without you, if necessary.


“You Gain Strength, Courage, and Confidence by Every Experience in which You Really Stop to Look Fear in the Face. However, You Must Do The Thing You Think You Cannot Do. And You Will Ultimately Achieve Success.”


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What Will You Learn?

  • How To Build A Digital Asset.
  • How To Have A Dreamed Financial Success.
  • How To Grow Your Online Empire.
  • How To Bring Value To The Lives of Your Fellow Humans with Moral Obligation.

Course Content

Why Be An Instructor.?
Becoming an Instructor can be a Fulfilling and Rewarding Career Path. However, Being an Effective Instructor requires a combination of Knowledge, Skills, and Personal Qualities. Becoming a Successful Instructor takes Time and Effort, and with Full Dedication and the Right Approach, and the Rught Medium of Marketing, it is Achievable. In this Course, You will Learn some of the General Steps and Tips for becoming a Successful Instructor and How to Build your Own Digital Assets.

  • Why do You want to be an Instructor.?
  • What does it take to be an Instructor.?
  • How to be a Successful Instructor.?
  • How can I Master a Teaching Skill.?
  • What is the Best Course to Teach.?
  • Why Be An Instructor.?
  • I Am An Instructor

Let’s Start Creating A Course.
Businesses of Tomorrow Need to be Built on Balanced Foundations. It has to have Empathy and Pragmatism - Meaning understanding the needs of the Customers while also maintaining a Practical approach to running the Courses. Foresight and Insight - This means that Courses should have a Clear Vision of where to Bring the Students, based on their understanding of Market Trends and Future Developments. Humanity and Technology - This Means Courses Created should have the Right Balance between Leveraging Technology to improve Operations while still maintaining a Human Touch in Customer Interactions and Relationships.

Uploading Your Course
Here is the Tutorial on How To Upload Your Course Modules. These Videos will show you Steps By Steps on how to Upload your Course onto UIPM Academy LMS Platform. However, before unloading any Course - You need to be Registered as an Instructor first. CLICK the LINK Below to Apply to be an Instructor and wait for Approval by Admin. Once your Application is Approved, You can start uploading your Course Module. Remember to Prepare your Course Module Upfront using the Documents format so that it is easy for you to COPY & PASTE later into the LMS Portal. Also, Prepare in advance your Images and Videos to use for your Course Modules. And any Assessments or Quizzes that you may want to use in your Course Modules. LET'S GO...!!!

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