UIPM Clarifies Misconceptions Regarding Honorary Doctorate Program

UIPM Clarifies Misconceptions Regarding Honorary Doctorate Program

UIPM Singapore, a registered organization in Singapore, is dedicated to professional development and recognition, is addressing social media criticism, misleading representations, and misunderstandings surrounding its Honorary Doctorate Program. UIPM would like to humbly clarify its standpoint and explain the value, intention, and vision behind its esteemed program.

At UIPM Singapore, we believe in the importance of social honor and empowerment through recognition of exceptional individuals who have made significant contributions to their respective fields. Our Honorary Doctorate Program is designed to celebrate excellence, inspire greatness, and empower individuals to make a positive impact on society.

It has come to our attention that there is confusion regarding the difference between our Honorary Doctorate (HC) degree and a traditional PhD degree. We would like to emphasize that while both are valuable forms of recognition, they serve different purposes. The HC doctorate recognizes individuals for their outstanding achievements and contributions, regardless of formal academic qualifications, while the PhD degree is typically earned through academic study and research. UIPM Singapore does not offer any PhD Doctorate programs at all. UIPM’s Doctorate program is to recognize outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions in their respective field. It is not link to any academic achievements at all and it’s totally different from the PhD Doctorate Degree.

UIPM encourages constructive dialogue and welcomes public criticism. However, we urge netizens to refrain from unnecessary criticism and misleading representations that may detract from the original purpose of our Honorary Doctorate Program. Rather than questioning the legitimacy of our institute, we invite individuals to learn more about the distinction between the HC doctorate and the PhD degree.

As a human development institution, UIPM is committed to educating and empowering individuals morally and professionally. We take pride in our responsibility and accountability to credential deserving individuals without political interference. Our goal is to inspire humility and foster personal and professional growth within our community.

We extend an invitation to all individuals who feel they meet the criteria or qualifications outlined by UIPM to apply for our Honorary Doctorate Program. We welcome you to learn more about UIPM and participate in our efforts to recognize excellence and make a meaningful difference in the world.

UIPM Singapore thanks the public for their cooperation, support, and understanding as we continue our mission to inspire greatness and celebrate achievement through our Honorary Doctorate Program.

For more information, please visit uipmacademy.com or contact us at info@uipmacademy.com.

UIPM Management
UIPM Singapore LLP

Dated: 20th December 2023

Appointment of UIPM Advisor, Singapore


We are pleased that Dr. Md Bipul Nazir, has been appointed as our Advisor to UIPM SG. His wisdom, experiences and connections will be valuable to further UIPM’s initiatives.
We are pleased that Dr. Md Bipul Nazir, has been appointed as our Advisor to UIPM SG. His wisdom, experiences and connections will be valuable to further UIPM’s initiatives.

Dr. Md. Bipul Nazir, Founder & Managing Director of H Healthcare Berhad, possesses over a decade of entrepreneurial expertise spanning diverse sectors, including Healthcare, Shipping, Garments, Oil & Gas, Trading, Training, IT, Airlines, Development, Finance, Hotel and Agriculture. As Director of H Medical Centre and Managing Director of multiple ventures such as H Clinics Group, H Telemedicine New York, The Heal Kuala Lumpur, H Air Ambulance, H Ambulatory Care Centre, The Fruit Story Sweden, Greenlife Healthcare, BeFit Wellness Hub Sdn. Bhd., and McClane Capital London, he exemplifies remarkable leadership.

Additionally, Dr. Md. Bipul Nazir serves as the Executive Chairman of HHBC Corporation Management Co. Ltd. China.

Endorsed by Harvard, he pioneered the world’s first “Comprehensive Health Advanced Management Programme (CHAMP),” integrating holistic healthcare solutions with cutting-edge technology. His vision extends to establishing premier healthcare infrastructure in Southeast Asia for the benefit of the underserved.

Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Dr. Md. Bipul Nazir actively contributes to social and community-related initiatives, collaborating closely with governmental and non-governmental institutions on environmental, health, and social development.

As an esteemed Advisor to UIPM, his wealth of experience and wisdom is a source of inspiration. UIPM is truly honored to have Dr. Md. Bipul Nazir, placing the utmost faith in his guidance for our organization.

Beware of Unauthorized Representation of UIPM Singapore

It has come to our attention that numerous unauthorized agencies are falsely representing UIPM Singapore without any written authorization or notice. These unauthorized entities are misleading individuals through various means, posing a significant risk to the reputation and integrity of our institute.

UIPM Singapore wishes to emphasize that we operate exclusively within Singapore and do not have any branches or institutions anywhere else in the world. We have no intention of opening branches outside Singapore in the future. Therefore, any representation of UIPM Singapore outside of Singapore is unauthorized and potentially fraudulent.

It is imperative for the public to exercise caution and diligence when encountering any representations of UIPM Singapore outside of our official channels. We strongly advise individuals to contact UIPM Singapore directly for any inquiries or clarifications regarding our programs, courses, or operations.

UIPM Singapore takes great pride in being recognized as one of the most outstanding and professional online learning, accreditation, and recognition institution in Singapore. We are committed to maintaining the highest international standards, values, and representations.

For any further information or assistance, please reach out to UIPM Singapore directly through our official communication channels.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation in helping us combat unauthorized representation and potential scams.

UIPM Management Team
UIPM Singapore LLP

Unauthorized Representation of UIPM Singapore

To All Partners, Associates, and Individuals

It has come to our attention that there have been instances of unauthorized representation of UIPM Singapore by various parties without written permission. We wish to emphasize that UIPM Singapore now operates under a comprehensive compliance policy, adhering to Singapore.

Effective February 15th, 2024, UIPM Singapore strictly prohibits any unauthorized representation of our institute. We seek your cooperation and assistance in adhering to the strict guidelines set forth by UIPM Singapore. It is imperative to note that individuals, partners, or associates are unauthorized and unorganized to represent UIPM Singapore under any circumstances without proper authorization.

For our business partners, representation of UIPM Singapore is only permitted under a written and signed agreement and in accordance with UIPM’s operation policy. Any representation made without explicit written permission will be considered unauthorized and in violation of our policies.

As of February 15th, 2024, all previous agreements and collaborations will be rendered void and null. We urge all parties involved to contact UIPM Singapore promptly for updated collaboration agreements and further support.

Any instances of misrepresentation, misleading information, or unauthorized representation without valid permit after February 15th, 2024, will be subject to legal prosecution and further action by the court.

For any clarification, assistance, or information, please do not hesitate to contact UIPM Singapore directly. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring compliance with our policies and guidelines.


UIPM Management Team
UIPM Singapore LLP

Updated on 20th December 2023

UIPM Convocation Event – 31st January 2024


Another Convocation is here again. We are pleased to announce that we will be having our next Convocation Ceremony on the 31st Jan 2024. The event will be held at Royale Chulan KL Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

The event will be from 13:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs.

If you wish to attend the event please contact us here.