The Unstoppable Starter Program by Dr. Tahir Hussain

How To Boost your Net Worth 10X By
Investing in the Unstoppable Starter Kit

Your Ultimate Method to Growing Your Mindset and Your Business

What Are The Biggest Mistakes
That We Make On Our Journey To Wealth?

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What You Will Learn In The Full Course Of
The Unstoppable Millionaire Starter Kit

I’m here to walk alongside you in this amazing, and uplifting course that is jam packed with value to change your life. You get the opportunity to work with me and get trained. Now it’s your decision. See below what you learn in my full course.

How powerful it is to build a success mindset that will determine the difference between failure and success – right from the beginning.

​How to conquer your limiting beliefs and have a mentor to keep you on track.

Why absolute clarity is important to move forward in the direction of your short and long term goals.

How turning your knowledge into defined action will help you channel your fear into your biggest strength.

Why failing is important and how to get back up in the face of all adversities.

Why surrounding yourself with like minded individuals and continuing to learn is one of the biggest keys to being unstoppable.

The power of giving back – how empowering people will create massive fulfilment and will be a win-win situation for everyone.

YOU CAN BE RICH. How rich, however is ultimately up to YOU.

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I’m Looking For Fast Action Takers Who Are Ready
To 10X Their Lives!

It’s always up to you. You can either be stopped, or become unstoppable. The choice is yours here today. What are you worth or what do you want to be worth. Yes, I’m looking for fast action takers – are you one?


The Unstoppable Starter Kit Is A
Revolutionary New System
Trusted By 50,000+ Businesses –
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Frequently Asked Questions

There are always questions when you have to make a buying decision. And since we are always one step ahead, we have provided you with some of these questions and answers to save you time and give you the bigger picture.


Will the Starter Kit help me with my finances?

Yes, we have a section in the Starter kit where we go into budgeting and help you get rid of bad debts that you have.

Can people who have literally lost everything still make it big in life?

The Starter kit will show you through the workbook how anyone who has hit rock bottom can come back up and make it big. Tahir’s own life is a journey of hitting rock bottom and then making it back up.

Do I need to be at a certain level in life before I sign up for the Starter Kit?

You can be at any point in your life right now and benefit from the starter kit as the start kit will allows you to think psychologically, practically and real advise and creative thinking moving ahead in life.

Is there any additional support provided in case I don’t understand things and am stuck during the workshop?

Yes, the Starter Kit will allow you to have a support system via email where you can ask all questions that arise as a result of the homework that you will go through during this workshop.


Whether you are an entrepreneur, or a stay at home parent this course is for you! We’ve made it easily accessible worldwide. Easy payment made in USD. However the payment will reflect on your statement in your own currency. Low processing fees, and access to a members area where you can safely and in your own time do my course.

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Here Is My Offer Recap



The Unstoppable Millionaire Video Training

8 Chapters, 8 Weeks of video training within a membership that you can access at anytime from anywhere. Dr. Tahir goes through the workbook with you to explain each chapter. You have a week in which to accomplish the exercises within the workbook.

Valued @ $699

Book 01

The Workbook (Digital Version)

This workbook is designed to help people get great clarity on what they are doing in their lives, where they are today and how they can elevate themselves from where they are to where they want to be.

It is a massive success that has helped people grow in areas of their life where they needed the change.

Valued @ $32


The Unstoppable Millionaire Book (Digital Version)

10 Chapter Digital Copy of The Unstoppable Millionaire Book

Valued @ $32


The Unstoppable Millionaire Book (Audiobook)

10 Chapter audiobook of The Unstoppable Millionaire Book

Valued @ $32


Two 1-Hour One-on-One Sessions With Dr. Tahir Hussain

Dr. Tahir is including two 1 hour One-on-One Live sessions with you to help you succeed in his workshop.

Valued @ $500

The Total Value is $1295


For Today Only: $299

Special Discount from UIPM Academy (Valid only for 50 signups) – USD$199


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